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5 Top Tips for Food Truck Wedding Catering

Food truck catering is a popular dining choice for many Los Angeles residents who love the laid-back eating experience. Street food is very affordable, allows you to taste food from all around the world, and adds an element of fun when eating out. For these reasons, food truck catering is becoming a popular choice for couples wanting a more relaxed catering option for their wedding day.

If you are thinking about hiring a food truck rather than traditional Los Angeles Catering, take a look at these top 5 tips for a food truck wedding.

Think about the weather

Food truck catering in winter can mean more rain than usual and summers may lead to long, hot queues. Many LA residents opt for a spring wedding when choosing food truck catering as the weather is a lot camera and guest friendly when standing in a line.

Work out numbers

You will need to tally up how many guests you have and tell your caterer in advance. While a food truck can feed many guests at a fast rate you need to make sure your guests are not standing in long queues.

Decide on a style

Los Angeles catering has many different styles, from traditional to modern. You can take a walk down the street to see what truck you think will suit your wedding and choose the one that will fit your theme.

Design your menu

Greenz on Wheelz is the best food truck in LA and as many years of experience giving guests what they want. If you have a dish in mind to serve up—maybe your go-to favorite—then ask for it to be made on your big day, be sure to collate any dietary requirements that your guests may have and your vendor can look to create a bespoke menu.

Think about seating

Your food truck vendor should be able to discuss seating options either with your venue hosts or a third part company who can provide the style of seating you require. Some couple like to keep things simple and have their guests queue up for food and bring it indoors to eat, similar to a standard buffet.

Greenz On Wheelz is the best food truck in LA and we are here to answer any questions that you may have about choosing a food truck wedding, so do not hesitate to get in touch.