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The Advantages Of Greenz On Wheelz For Your Wedding Catering

The street food scene in LA is booming at the moment as it offers an alternative to formal dining to the residents of the city. While many people have embraced eating out at a food truck for many years others are still skeptical as to the benefits of eating al fresco.

Advantages of street food wedding catering

As the best wedding catering brand in the city, Greenz on Wheelz embrace the advantages of food truck catering for your wedding, including

 No need to book exact meal numbers, we can cook fresh on the day

  • We can travel to any venue in the city
  • Fun and exciting
  • Serves up new recipes regularly
  • Offers flexibility on eating times
  • Cheap
  • Trendy
  • Creative menus packed with fusion food from all around the world
  • Guests can eat as little or as much as you want—ordering as you go along

Disadvantages of street food wedding catering

Of course, there are a few disadvantages, including: 

  • Can be too informal
  • May not be the best in poor weather, although we can bring food indoors
  • Some venues may not allow food trucks

As you can see there are not many disadvantages that we can think of, as being the best wedding catering brand in LA we can sort out any problems that you think may occur. If you want to book us, you need to be quick so get in touch today.

If you do feel that you want your wedding catering to be fun and exciting then give Greenz on Wheelz a call today. Our packages suit all budgets and you will not have to worry about scrimping on flavour when it comes to sticking to a low budget. Don’t delay, call us today and we will help you have the wedding that you have always dreamed about.