Are You A Good Fit For The Food Truck Business?

Food trucks are enjoying run-away popularity, and good cooks often imagine what it would be like to have their own food truck business. It sounds ideal. Be your own boss. Whip up the foods all your friends have raved about. Roam your favorite city. Meet foodies on the street. And make a lot of money.

As an industry, the food truck business has many success stories. But there are also plenty of disappointed, former food truck owners. Here are common myths about the food truck industry.

Running a food truck business is easy: Nope. Not true. If you want to be a food truck success, you need foodservice knowledge, adequate capital and a lot of stamina because you’ll be working long hours, especially in the beginning.

 Owning a food truck is like owning a gold mine: A food truck and provide you with a good income, but you’ll have plenty of expenses beyond the cost of your truck, fuel and food. This includes staff salaries, insurance, permits and more.

The most important thing is being able to cook: There is much more to operating a successful food truck than cooking. You must know about human resources, customer services, marketing and finance. You must learn the food truck regulations in cities where you do business, and you must know about proper food preparation, health and sanitation.

Operating a food truck is cheaper than owning a restaurant: While this is true, a food truck owner must buy local licenses, permits, food and ingredients and pay staff members, just like restaurants do. In some locales, food trucks are required to lease the locations where they park to do business.

Food trucks aren’t hampered with all those rules that apply to restaurants: Actually, food trucks must abide by the same stiff regulations and submit to similar health inspections that restaurants do. If a food truck earns a bad grade from health authorities, the truck could be shut down.

Know the food truck industry well before you invest in it. Get yourself adopted by an experienced food truck operator and learn at the foot of the master. If you don’t have a friend or family member in the business, call Mike Mikhail for help.

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