Display Your Brand From A Mobile Food Truck

Food trucks are famous for serving lunches, catering wedding receptions and making music festivals into a foodie paradise. And now they are reinventing themselves. Many food truck owners now rent their vehicles to companies, such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Frito-Lay and Rachel Ray’s company, that then decorate them with a slick vinyl covering that features their own product and logo. The brightly colored vinyl graphic is puts the roaming food truck to work as a company’s mobile billboard.

LA-restaurateur and food truck owner Michael Mikhail works closely with production companies, advertising agencies, manufacturers and retailers to get their brands before the public. He recently rented one food truck to National Geographic to promote a television program. Another was used by a local FOX TV station to launch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a new comedy about police detectives. For other clients, Mikhail has used food trucks to distribute products samples in neighborhoods where consumers congregate.

There are several reasons to rent to a food truck when you want to advertise a new product:

  • Food truck promotions can be executed in many different ways and can attract thousands of people.
  • A food truck crew can pass out thousands of samples or products every day.
  • Food trucks can travel throughout a city, allowing companies to target their audience by location or day parts.
  • Vinyl-wrapped trucks make attractive billboards and generate thousands of impressions at concerts, fairs, festivals, retail store openings or any event that draws a large crowd.

“There are many ways of conducting a food truck promotion, even if you’re working with a tight budget,” said Mikhail. “You any can wrap any part of a food truck – or all of it – with promotional graphics, photos and logos. What you spend on the wrap depends on the surface of the food truck that is covered, the design you select and the intricacy of the installation.”

Experienced at promoting brands and introducing products, Mikhail used his food trucks to impress consumers and reinforce the loyalty of existing customers. “We have advertised and distributed food and beverages on behalf of well-known brands, such as Disney and Nike,” he said. “Our food trucks have helped make thousands of positive, lasting impressions for our clients.”

A food truck promotion can be affordable for local and regional brands and generate the same results it does for national brands. Mikhail’s team of veteran food truck operators will work within your budget to get your name and product before the public. They can bring sandwiches and salads on wheels to your venue, serve elaborate dinners or pass our samples. Contact one of Mikhail’s food trucks for complete details. They include The Hungry Nomad at 877-NOMAD-10, Hang 10 Tacos at 855-5-Hang-10 and Greenz on Wheelz at 855-6Greenz.