Eat Fast And Eat Well, Thanks To Food Truck Fare

People are busier than ever, and few have time for a leisurely restaurant lunch, especially on work days. In the current fast-paced work environment, most employees are expected to eat in nano-seconds and get back to their jobs. In these situations, food trucks become local heroes.

There are many advantages to allowing a food truck to provide your lunch. A quality truck has a kitchen for preparing hot entrees, plus refrigeration for cold foods. Because they are kitchens on wheels, gourmet food trucks can cook on location instead of transporting food that was prepared hours earlier.

The LA area has hundreds of quality food trucks staffed with teams that can prepare and quickly serve delicious street cuisine. Whether it specializes in hamburgers, ice cream, Asian fusion, BBQ, hot dogs or lobster, a food truck can feed large numbers of hungry people in record time and get them on their way. Dining curbside at the neighborhood food truck is speedy, sociable (take your co-workers with you). It’s also well-priced, but remember to bring cash since many food trucks don’t accept credit or debit cards.

The next time you are hungry but time crunched, look no further than these LA food truck favorites.

The Hungry Nomad menu offers a wide selection of Mediterranean-influenced offerings with a hint of California cuisine. The blue Hang 10 Tacos truck features great gourmet tacos made from quality steak, chicken, pork shrimp, BBQ and fish. Greenz on Wheelz focuses on health and freshness with a menu of enjoyable sandwiches and crisp salads made from seasonal ingredients. All three trucks are available to cater any event, including large groups of convention, trade show and festival goers.

For more information on these gourmet food trucks and how they can serve you and your guests, contact The Hungry Nomad at 877-NOMAD-10; Hang 10 Tacos at 855-5-Hang-10 or Greenz on Wheelz at 855-6Greenz.