Eat Lunch, Be Quick Thanks To Food Truck Cuisine

When is the last time you got to sit down in a restaurant on a weekday and enjoy a leisurely lunch? For busy workers, a sit-down restaurant lunch is a luxury. In today’s fast-paced work environment, most employees are expected to eat quickly and get back to the job. That is where food trucks come to the rescue.

Food trucks are self-contained mobile restaurants that can make meals on site instead of bringing in food that was prepared hours earlier. A top-quality food truck has a kitchen for cooking hot entrees, plus refrigeration for foods that must be kept cold. Often diners can catch a glimpse of the busy food truck chef creating their own food order.

Southern California is fortunate to have hundreds of top-quality food trucks with chefs that serve appetizing street cuisine and do it quickly. Whether an ice cream truck, a BBQ truck, a hot dog truck or a taco truck, these roaming restaurants are able to feed large numbers of diners in record time and get them on their way. Dining curbside at the neighborhood food truck is speedy, sociable (take your co-workers with you) and well-priced.

The next time you yearn for a yummy lunch but are pressed for time, look no further than these outstanding LA-area food trucks. The Hungry Nomad menu includes a mouth-watering selection of delicious Mediterranean-influenced offerings. Hang 10 Tacos is a big blue truck featuring tasty gourmet tacos made from steak, chicken, pork shrimp, BBQ and fish. Greenz on Wheelz focuses on freshness with delicious sandwiches and crisp salads made from seasonal ingredients. The staff members of all three trucks will serve your lunch with a smile.

For more information on these premium food trucks, contact The Hungry Nomad at877-NOMAD-10; Hang 10 Tacos at855-5-Hang-10 or Greenz on Wheelz at 855-6Greenz.