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Food Truck Catering

Enjoy Great Food Truck Catering With A Greenz On Wheelz Salad Truck

If you are looking for a fun alternative to the most popular Los Angeles catering for your next birthday bash, Greenz on Wheelz salad food truck catering will liven up any event and provide your guests with great tasting food. If you are thinking of asking your family over to your house for a get together or you have a big birthday or anniversary celebration planned, why not have a salad bar.

Great for Al Fresco Dining

Food truck catering is not just for eating out on the streets on a night out or a quick lunch, it can also be a great party catering choice. Salad food trucks in Los Angeles are increasingly catering for small and large events all over the city, whether it be corporate parties or private birthday bashes. Just think of

Salad Food Truck Catering for all Events

Greenz on Wheelz salad food truck catering wedding services can come along to your backyard for the event of a lifetime. If you and your partner love to eat street food and you feel that healthy salads represent your relationship, you can have this type of food at your wedding.

Enjoy a Relaxed Food Truck Catering Experience

Your can eat tasty meals in the comfort of your own home and your guests can get into the party spirit as they make up their own bespoke salads from the bar that we set up for you. Quiet garden weddings do not have to be lackluster as Greenz on Wheelz can add a sense of excitement to your event.

Hire Greenz on Wheelz Food Truck Catering

To take the stress out of food truck catering for events give Greenz on Wheelz a call today and we can arrange for one of our salad food trucks to attend your bash.