Enjoy The Freshest Movie Set Catering With Greenz On Wheelz

With bold truck designs, awesome menus, and friendly vendors, food trucks are attracting the residents and tourists of LA more and more each day. You can find every type of food you can think of via an LA food truck and now you can do the same when it comes to your movie set. Movie set catering from Greenz on Wheelz can feed the hungriest of crews and also act as an awesome prop when you are shooting LA scenes.

We can Feed your Crew Fast

Street food allows people to eat fast, filling meals to people who do not have the time to dine in formal cafes and restaurants and most of the food is very affordable. We known how frenzied it can be when keeping to a filming schedule as we have many years of experience in the Hollywood industry. We will always be on time, cook to your schedule and make quick meals for your staff so that they can get back to filming when you need them. Despite our food being quick to make it does not falter on quality. We have amazing feedback from previous customers and we want to put a smile on your face too.

Reliable and Friendly

It is one thing getting great food for your cast and crew but you want them to be happy on set. Our catering team is both professional and friendly and can accommodate most doe try requirements. A laid back crew is a happy crew and a happy crew produces great film and TV. Our prices are very competitive and we always offer great value for money to all of our customers. Don’t worry if you need a long-term film catering contract as we can work for as many weeks or months as you need.

To find out more about Greenz on Wheelz food truck rental packages get in touch today to talk about our packages and prices.