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Fall In Love With Food Truck Wedding Catering

Food truck wedding catering is a creative way to hold a birthday party in your garden. Greenz on Wheelz can come to even the smallest of events and we offer a stress-free catering option so that you can sit back and relax.

Be honest, we are sure that you have been to dozens of weddings where the food was predictable and a little boring, haven’t you? For those shouting “yes”, what more could be better than the idea of having a food truck at your wedding?

Street Food Popularity

Food truck wedding catering Los Angeles even though they were once thought of as a fleeting trend, but they are now a conscious choice for couples who like the quirkier things in life and who are on a small budget. Yes, there is still something a little hipster-like with food trucks, but hiring a food truck is is becoming more mainstream when it comes to weddings.

Your wedding day is, arguably, the most important day of your life so you will want to make it as memorable as possible, for both you and your guests. A trendy food truck turning up at your wedding reception will certainly make a lasting impression and we are sure you will remember the food for a long time to come.

Whether you are enjoying a beach wedding or you want a trendy truck outside a fancy hall, food truck wedding catering Los Angeles has lots of fun and surpasses in store for you and your wedding guests.