Feast On Fund-Raiser Food From Your Favorite Food Truck

Food trucks can be found all across the Los Angeles area. They serve food on the streets, feed festival and concert goers and cater everything from wedding receptions and business lunches to cocktail parties and class reunions. Now they are finding a steady following at charity and fund-raising events.

Some Los Angeles-area food trucks are working with schools to help raise funds. The schools allow the trucks to park on their lots, serving parents and school supporters who want food truck takeout, and the schools receive a cut of the food truck revenues – about $50 a day – which adds up over time.

Want your school or non-profit organization to benefit from delicious food truck meals? Here’s how to make it happen:

Determine how you’ll do it.  You can charge a flat fee to the truck to park at your location or event or request a percentage of sales. You also can ask for a flat-fee donation from the truck’s operator.

Talk to area food truck owners. You have probably seen dozens in your neighborhood, or perhaps you have a favorite. If you can generate a large number of attendees, ask several food trucks with different menus to participate in your fundraiser.

Schedule your event(s). Determine the day and time of your fund-raising event. If this will be a one-time occasion, you may choose to invite only a specific group, such as everyone in your Boy Scout troop and family members. Or you can promote the fundraiser to the general public.

Be sure you have the proper city permits. Usually the food trucks have done all the permit work required, but always check.

Solicit volunteers to help. They’ll direct the trucks to their assigned parking spots, arrange for trash collection and help food truck operators if they need something.

Advertise the event. Make sure your organization’s members know about it and invite them to bring their friends and family. Send a press release to local newspapers and radio stations. Notify the presidents of neighborhood associations and use any appropriate email lists or blogs.

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