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Food Truck Desserts Make the Ideal Party Buffet

People love food truck food for a variety of reasons. For one, it allows them to eat on the go whether they’re enjoying lunch, dinner or a yummy dessert. Food truck dessert offerings are morphing along with consumers’ tastes yet staying portable.

For a while, the hand-held cupcake was an ideal walk-and-munch indulgence. In fact, cupcakes reached a pinnacle of popularity so great that they often replaced the over-priced wedding cake at wedding receptions. While still yummy, cupcakes are being exchanged for easy-to-tote ice cream desserts, such as ice cream sandwiches and the ever-popular hand-held cone.

Food Channel experts see several emerging dessert trends. One involves desserts that can be consumed with a spoon, such as puddings and other soft treats. Another focuses on hand-pies, an easily transported version of the slice on a plate.

At the Food Channel, muffins are predicted to be “the new doughnut.” A novel muffin, which consists of a cake-like doughnut filled with jam, has been dubbed the “duffin” and is available in many restaurants and bakeries, including Starbucks. One additional prediction is for dessert butters, which are made from fine cookie crumbs mixed with a filling and then used to enhance a sandwich cookie.

Ethnic desserts are always popular. Everything from Italian cannolis to Mexican-style churros can be found throughout the LA area. In the future, look for sweet treats with an Asian flavor and even desserts with seafood enhancements.

Desserts are not traditionally healthy items. But manufacturers are recognizing that health is no longer a trend; it’s is a lifestyle. One of the most popular items at the recent Fancy Food Show in New York was a popsicle made from blended fruit and vegetables, such as kale, banana, mangos and oranges. In fact, kale is finding its way into all types of new food offerings.

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