Food Truck Fundraisers – A Great Option For Your Fundraising Needs

Are you looking for great fundraising ideas? Whether you are a school or organization,there always seems to be a need for some extra funds. While there are hundreds of different fundraising options out there it is important to select a fundraiser that is going to give you the biggest bang for the amount of time you spend fundraising – meaning you do not want to spend six months raising the same amount of money you could raise in one evening. That is why you need to consider a food truck fundraiser.TRUCK CATERING1

No matter where you live, you have probably started to see these food trucks more and more. They are even becoming popular in the more rural areas as well. Everyone loves the food truck. You can get incredible food that is both fast and convenient.

They are no longer serving your average hot dogs either. These food truck menus are literally gourmet quality. This new food standard is also what is going to make your fundraising that much easier. People are hungry for a change (pun intended)and will be happy to help you raise the funds needed for your cause when they get to indulge in these fabulous food options during the process.

How Does a Food Truck Fundraiser Really Work?

There are a number of ways to raise money with a food truck fundraiser and this also will be determined by the food truck you opt to use for your fundraiser as they may have certain fundraising options they provide. But here are a few ideas:

  1. Select 2 or 3 menu items and charge a flat fee for those menu items. A certain amount or percentage of each sale would go to your organization for the fundraiser.
  2. Negotiate a percentage of the total sales that will go to the fundraiser.
  3. Create a referral card system and anytime a person purchases a meal using a referral card your organization gets a percentage. This is good for the food truck as well as customers will seek them out in order to contribute to the fundraiser.
  4. Put on a full event fundraiser and invite the food trucks to participate. You can either charge a flat fee or, again, negotiate a portion of their sales.
  5. Create a consistent day each month or each week where the food truck will be present for an ongoing food truck fundraiser.
  6. Have the food truck create a couple of different menu items that are named after your organization and when anyone purchases those particular items the proceeds go to the fundraising needs of that organization.

These are just a few of the many food truck fundraising options available. There are a number of food trucks that willing participate in food truck fundraisers. A couple of these trucks are the Hungry Nomad, Hang 10 Tacos, and Greenz on Wheelz. Check out their website to see their incredible food truck menus and to contact them about your next food truck fundraiser.