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Food Truck Catering

Food Truck Los Angeles Style Takes the Stress From Wedding Planning

When it comes to food trucks in Los Angeles, everyone loves dining on the street. What’s not to enjoy about creative foods whipped up by a talented chef in a rolling restaurant? But now the better food trucks are growing into catering giants. Food truck cuisine is so popular that many trucks now spend more of their working hours catering weddings and events than they do serving on the street corner

Each day food trucks roam the streets of Southern California. The best of these rolling restaurants offer gourmet catering and have earned reputations that are making them popular among party planners. Who doesn’t want to put on a great spread for guests without breaking the bank? Everyone does, especially newly hitched brides and grooms.

There are great food truck caterers in Southern California that provide delicious entrees and first-class food service. However, some of these operators will serve only their everyday street food menu at a catered event. Meanwhile, more experienced food truck operators allow catering clients to request a custom menu, which the chef will prepare for the special occasion. That option gives the client far more flexibility.

A food truck wedding catering is a great way to share unique entrees with your guests while controlling your wedding expenses. The average food truck reception is considerably less expensive than a wedding catering by the traditional bricks-and-mortar operation. And just because the meal comes from a food truck doesn’t mean that you have to give up the special perks, such as a seated dinner with white table clothes. In many cases, the food truck crew can arrange to rent any necessary tables and chairs. If you don’t want a plated dinner, enjoy food that comes directly from the food truck window just like customers on the street do. And there are many other options.

When it comes to catering a wedding reception, there are many food truck catering companies and hundreds of people in the business. To ensure that you hire someone that can do the job as promised, but sure to ask for references and then follow up by calling those references and asking detailed questions about the service they received.