January 31 2016 0Comment

Food Truck Weddings—Catering Has Never Been So Easy

If you are planning a wedding and are worried about true endless catering options, try not to worry too much as Greenz on Wheelz has the answer for you. Food truck catering can be the perfect answer if you are looking for relaxed catering that tastes great and is easy on the wallet.

A family run business, Greenz on Wheelz realize that looking after your family and friends is a very important aspect of your big day and having catering worries at the back of your mind is not going to make your day run smoothly. We could not be happier that guests consistently love the work that we do on making their wedding say special and we are looking forward to welcoming more brides and grooms into the world of food truck catering for wedding this year.

With a food truck, you can spend your day as relaxed as possible knowing that your vendor will have everything under controls as agreed. Once you have decided to opt for Greenz on Wheelz for your food truck catering wedding, we can meet to discuss all the fine details before the big day. Everything from a personalized menu to waiting on staff and funky seating arrangements can be organized at your convenience. It differs from a traditional wedding meal as there is no formality and stuffiness that can often stifle the enjoyment for couples.

If required, you can stick to set times for your food to be served up to your guests or you can enjoy complete freedom and let your guests take themselves off for food as and when they wish. Modern brides and grooms are choosing to have more freedom over when they eat, with an informal wedding in which there are no set rules. It can almost be like a festival in which people chat, drink, dance and enjoy music then have a snack when they feel like it. A Greenz on Wheelz food truck catering for wedding sounds great, doesn’t it?