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Food Trucks in Los Angeles Are Wedding Catering Gurus

A wedding reception is a clever way to feed and entertain your guests on a budget. Having a food truck catering at your reception is trendy and fun, plus it is a great way to introduce unique offerings to your guests while managing wedding expenses. A typical food truck wedding reception will be considerably less pricey than a reception catered by a bricks-and-mortar operation. And remember, just because the meal is from a food truck, you don’t need to give up those special extras. You can still have a seated dinner with waiters, white table cloths and crystal wine glasses. Often, the food truck crew will arrange to rent anything your wedding requires, such as tables, chairs and linens, and have them delivered to the wedding site. Plus, they’ll have them gathered up and returned after the reception, taking one more chore off of you or your family members.

If you don’t want a seated dinner, your guests can enjoy your food truck wedding catering by having the food served directly from the food truck window. There are many other options, such as a wedding reception with appetizers passed by servers or a picnic-style party that is casual and laid back. Hiring a creative food truck caterer allows you choose the food you want and the atmosphere you want to establish. It’s up to you.

Today, the average U.S. wedding costs just under $30,000, a price that doesn’t include the post-wedding get-away. Cost-conscious brides still want a fashionable reception and are finding that food truck caterers will help them produce a fabulous wedding reception at a reasonable price. No matter what the bride and groom are looking for, a food truck caterer can provide it or find someone else who can.

Truck caterers also can set up the now popular “wedding lounge,” which is typically located in a quiet area away from the dance floor. This is wedding reception trend that gives guests a place to sit and visit during the party. Food truck catering in Los Angeles is a great way to have a trendy wedding featuring fresh ideas, but without breaking the bank.