Food Trucks Star On and off the Movie Set

Whenever a movie or TV show is being filmed, there is typically a food truck on hand to feed the crew. But now, food trucks are becoming stars in their own right.

Because food trucks are big part of today’s culture, they are being incorporated into entertainment vehicles and fashion shoots. One example is the independent film Free Samples. It spans one day in the life of a young law school dropout who substitutes for her friend by handing out free samples from a busy ice cream truck. The story demonstrates how customers who patronize the truck impact her life and attitude. According to director Jay Gammill, the food truck allowed the film to be shot on a single set and helped the movie makers keep their costs under control.

Robert Lemon is the director of ¿Tacos or Tacos?, a documentary that is set in Austin, Texas, one of the busiest food truck scenes in the U.S. The film compares the old-school food truck culture with the gourmet food truck lifestyle that is becoming an important part of the cityscape.

Actor, writer Jon Favreau Austin also filmed his movie Chef in parts of Austin, as well as in LA. The independent film is about a chef who loses his job and then sets his sights on building a food truck business. Robert Downey Jr., John Leguizamo and Sofia Vergara star.

 Michael Mikhail, owner of several Los Angeles food trucks, has rented his rolling restaurants to a variety of movie and TV production companies. Recently, one truck was featured in an episode of Dexter. “Movie companies like to use food trucks as props, “he said. “They can rent one of our trucks without any food on it and just use it in the background or as a key prop in a scene.”

If you need a food truck for your movie or TV shoot, here are three colorful vehicles that would be ideal. If not in front of the camera, they will keep your crew well fed in accordance with all union mandates.

The Hungry Nomad menu features a wide selection of California favorites featuring a hint of American, Mediterranean and European cuisine. You can rent The Hungry Nomad by calling 877-NOMAD-10.

Greenz on Wheelz is a giant green truck specializing in the freshest sandwiches and salads in Southern California. But the veteran catering staff will work closely with you to meet your personal food requests. Cast Greenz on Wheelz by phoning 855-6Greenz.

Hang 10 Tacos serves tasty tacos made from quality ingredients, including fish, steak, shrimp, pork and BBQ. The blue Hang 10 Tacos truck feeds foodies on the street, can ensure catered satisfaction or be a star in its own right. Call Hang 10 Tacos at 855-5-Hang-10.