For Full-Service Catering, Call On Your Neighborhood Food Truck

Most observers think of food trucks as great rolling kitchens, serving up delicious meals and snacks to people on the street or at concerts and festivals. Few people know that for most food trucks, catering is a majority of their business.


Although many offer unique or exotic selections, most gourmet food trucks create menus for all types of foodies, ranging from meat-lovers and seafood fans to vegans, vegetarians and people with special diet requirements. Whether your event is a wedding, family reunion, charity fundraiser, holiday party, bar or bat mitzvah, business lunch or outdoor BBQ, food trucks can whip up the perfect meal to satisfy your guests.

Equipped with full mobile kitchens, food truck caterers do more than deliver precooked food. They can prepare deliciously hot, fresh food at your event, workplace or home without stepping inside your kitchen. And because food trucks have professional kitchens and are well stocked, they rarely run out of food or ice.

Food truck caterers also can prepare healthy box lunches, which are convenient for business meetings, training sessions and workshops. With a box lunch in front of them, participants can eat, yet remain focused on the meeting. Sandwiches are a common box lunch item, but food trucks can substitute wraps, tacos or salads instead.

In addition to tasty food created from healthy ingredients, gourmet food truck operators can provide all the chairs, tables, china and silverware you will require. They can hire and manage the servers, bartenders and valet parkers you need, and they will work within your budget to create an event that will make you proud. Some can even recommend photographers, musicians and entertainment for your event.

Our trio of first-class food trucks – Hang 10 Tacos, The Hungry Nomad and Greenz on Wheels – has earned a reputation in Southern California for providing the best of the best and at value prices. We will help ensure that your wedding, convention, festival, photo shoot, class reunion, retirement party or business meeting runs smoothly and that all of your guests go home satisfied. Call us for a no-cost consultation.

Hang 10 Tacos – 855-5-Hang-10

The Hungry Nomad – 877-NOMAD-10

Greenz on Wheelz – 855-6Greenz