FOX TV Calls On A Food Truck To Promote Brooklyn Nine-Nine

 When Los Angeles’ FOX TV station wanted to launch its new detective comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it hired a food truck to carry the word to the viewing public.

The truck was rented from an LA-area food truck fleet owned by Michael Mikhail. Next, it was covered in a colorful, vinyl wrap that featured photos of the detective show’s stars, and then it spent a several days driving around the city. At each stop, the truck’s crew gave away free bagels with cream cheese and coffee in logo cups, along with pens and other souvenir gadgets with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine logo.

“We passed out more than 5,000 products to help get the word out about the new show,” said Mikhail. “It was a fast, fun way for FOX to grab a lot of attention very quickly.”

Food trucks are ideal for promoting products and the impact of a food truck promo is easy to measure. When Adidas scheduled a food truck promotion in New York City, the truck parked an equal distance between the company’s two Manhattan stores, one of which is large and better known than the other. The crew distributed cards printed with a combination that might open a treasure chest and reveal a free prize, a give-away that drove customers straight to the lesser known store which saw a 129% that day.

Some people think that food trucks appeal only to a younger market, but the food truck audience is large and includes all age groups. Brands such as Frito Lay, Coca-Cola, Macy’s and Bud Light have all rented food trucks to showcase their brands.

“Using a food truck has become an exciting way to generate interest in a product, TV show, movie or other offering,” said Mikhail. “Best of all, the concept can be adapted to most anything you want to market. It is creative, trendy and a lot more effective than a static billboard on the side of the road or a magazine or TV advertisement.”

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