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Go to the Chapel And Get Married With The Best LA Food Truck Food

In almost no time, LA food trucks has gone from serving street munchies to hungry passers by to providing first-class catered cuisine to chichi party goers and business leaders.

That stereotypical “roach coach” has driven away and been replaced by the upscale new food trucks now travelling the streets of Southern California, producing unique dishes from exotic ingredients. In 2008, some talented chefs with their own food trucks became national celebrities when they started producing and promoting delicious new entrées. With the help of another relatively new invention – social media – the brilliant young chefs could effortlessly alert their fans to where they would be working on a particular day. Since then, the outrageous success of the fledgling LA food truck businesses has inspired thousands to launch their own exciting kitchens-on-wheels.

Back in 2008, no one dreamed they’d ever see food truck food at a wedding reception, but today food truck wedding is one of the biggest business opportunities for first-class food truck operators. Many are now doing more catering work than they do on the street, and they like that. Catering a wedding for a set number of guests is much easier than feeding people at the curb. When catering a wedding, the food truck operator knows exactly how much food to prepare and has a better handle on costs. This prevents over preparation (and wasted meals that aren’t purchased), plus the food truck won’t run short of favorite dishes prematurely.

Today’s offerings bring together assorted ingredients, cuisines and cultures to create the wonderful meals that food trucks are now known for. And chefs are bringing these dishes – and their flare for creativity – to the weddings they cater. And if you aren’t finding the exact dishes you want for your wedding, ask the food truck operator if he or she will make the exact menu you have in mind. Many food trucks are more than willing to create your ideal wedding reception menu.

Food Truck catering is not just for the rich, famous and beautiful. When you hire a creative food truck chef to help cater your wedding, you, too, will have a talented someone to help you throw an absolutely fabulous party. Other affairs that are ideal for food truck catering include sporting-events, school fundraisers, music concerts, animal rescue days, college reunions and wedding anniversaries.