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Greenz on Wheelz Food Truck Consulting

Greenz on Wheelz food truck consulting service is ideal for event planners and wedding planners in Los Angeles. Hollywood caterers are quickly adapting to the demands of trends that hit the city and for a long time now food trucks have been at the center of the LA dining scene. Food truck Los Angeles is some of the best in the city and people are wanting to have a food truck at their events more and more.

How a Food Truck Consultant can Help

While food truck Los Angeles catering is an easy and stress free option for your Hollywood catering needs, it is best left to the experts. It is only when you have plenty of experience that food truck hire runs smoothly, so it is best to look for a consultant in the form of the best food truck in LA. Greenz on Wheelz can provide the following:

  • Support you in choosing the right food truck for you
  • Support you in menu choices and help you gauge how much food you will need for a particular event
  • Support you with all of the relevant paperwork and insurances
  • Support with social media and marketing
  • Plan what times to serve food and where is best to serve from
  • Help with the logistics of parking the truck
  • Provide catering staff and waiting-on staff if required
  • Help in sticking to your budget and getting great value for money
  • Support with additional requirements on the day, such as seating and serving equipment

If you work in the Hollywood film industry and you require a lot of food trucks for your set, you may want to think about hiring Greenz on Wheelz as your food truck consultant. We are an experienced Hollywood catering business that understands the needs of busy film production teams. We can offer support in food truck rental hire and as the best food truck in LA we can provide you with all of you catering needs. Whether you need food prepared on set or you need a set of food trucks at various locations to provide food for your cast and crew, Greenz on Wheelz will help.