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Greenz On Wheelz Food Truck Prop Rental For TV Commercials

With so many people in LA choosing to eat street food—there is even a rise in food truck wedding catering—there is an increasing demand for food truck prop rentals. Film and TV companies want to reflect the true nature of LA, which means lining the streets with funky food trucks. Food truck Los Angeles is a waif of life and if you want your TV commercial to be authentic then you need to hire Greenz on Wheelz.

Greenz on Wheelz is an experienced catering company with a creative approach to all of our business concepts. We take pride in delivering excellent customer service to all of our clients and we have received excellent feedback from all that we have supported over the years.We recognize the need for a swift and efficient service and we promise that we can deliver that to you.

Greenz on Wheelz food truck catering in Los Angeles is available to hire and you can choose from a number of options. You can simply hire an empty van for outdoor shoots if you want a food truck in the background or you can hire our catering services.

Catering services are available for food shoots, whether that be still life or action shots or we can provide food for your cast and crew. If you do choose our full catering option you can choose from our classic food truck menu or we can design a bespoke menu to suit your requirements. Our grilled cheese is a particular favorite on those cold weather shoots as they can quickly warm the crew up and get them smiling again!

If you are interested in hiring Greenz on Wheelz food truck catering Los Angeles we are waiting to hear from you today.