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Greenz On Wheelz TV Commercial Prop Rental

Food truck catering in Los Angeles is a growing industry in LA and for a long time now it has been supporting the Hollywood film industry. Food trucks are a staple part of LA life and every film producer in the city want to get an accurate portrayal of the streets of LA so film truck hire is a must. If you think a little you are sure to have seen food trucks pop up in some of your favorite shows.

Greenz on Wheelz is an experienced food truck Los Angeles catering company with a  creative outlook on our brand and our approach to our work.We have experience working with TV and film production companies and have received positive feedback from all those that we have worked with.You can hire a number of our food trucks for as long as you need them and we can draw up a long-term contract for extended shoots.

We have a dedicated team of chefs that are passionate about the menus that they produce, making sure that they keep on top of all of the latest street food trends. If you are looking for a film set catering menu with a difference, Greenz on Wheelz is the team for you. As well as innovative twists on classics we make comforting dishes like grilled cheese for those days when you need a hug on a plate and if you are in healthy mode there are plenty of fresh green salads.

Greenz on Wheelz’s high-quality food and excellent and customer service our integral to our work ethics and we never underestimate the need to provide a seamless experience to our clients. Our food truck Los Angeles trucks look just as good as good as the food that is served and will look great as a background for any TV show or film.

The TV and film industry in Hollywood is increasingly noting the importance of renting food trucks to add authenticity to their LA-based productions—so If you are in the middle of event planning or organizing a film production, get in touch for more information on hiring our trucks you can contact Greenz on Wheelz.