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Greenz on Wheelz: Making A splash

Greenz on Wheelz are making a new movement of bringing convenience and health together to create the best New Age food truck company. Make a splash this summer and hire Greenz on Wheelz to host your summer extravaganza!


Times are changing and so is the way we look at food. Food trucks don’t have the most glamourous reputation. All that is changing now because of Greenz on Wheelz. This health oriented food truck is a game changer for the food truck industry. Offering Grade ‘A’ seasonal produce every time, and the friendliest crew to go with.

This summer is going to be filled with pool parties and beach days galore. Make your pool party stand out from the rest by hiring the most elite health conscious food truck in L.A.. Even the kiddies will enjoy this cuisine for the the lighter meals digest faster meaning a lot more pool time and less wait time!

We are always looking to fuel our bodies with best ingredients especially on long summer days full of activities. Greenz on Wheelz is the best food truck in L.A. because it offers a variety of healthy meal options vegetarian and not. Simple salads, BBQ sandwiches, warm sandwich melts, and sides are just a glimpse of all the variety they offer.

The best food truck in LA wants to their love of healthy choices with everyone. Greenz on Wheelz is the most inexpensive Food truck catering service on the west coast. Offering all the elite catering services without all the extra $$$.

Greenz on Wheelz’s main goal is to encourage people to make healthier options everyday for themselves. Helping make those choices more accessible to the everyday consumer is what they strive for everyday. As well as offering high quality food and customer service.

Being the best food truck in L.A. Greenz on Wheelz has a reputation to keep up with. Having meals for every time of day breakfast, lunch and dinner you can make healthy choices all day long with Greenz on Wheelz. They can be found in many different locations everyday that can tracked on their social media.