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Best Food Truck In LA

Have You Installed Your Food Truck Finder?

If you are looking forward to eating lots of great food for the remainder of the year and you have made your Fall food resolutions, Greenz on Wheelz is here to help you out. Our tasty food trucks have a varied menu, packed full of healthy recipes and the odd cheeky snack for when you are in the mood for a treat.

For the times when you are truly pushed for time and need to eat at a food truck Los Angeles for lunch or dinner, you can use a food truck finder to hunt down the healthier food trucks, just like Greenz on Wheelz. People have a negative perception of food trucks, believing that they serve unhealthy food, but we pride ourselves on offering balanced meals to our customers.

Food trucks are also a great way of eating out with friends and family when you do not have a lot of spare cash once you have paid your bills for the month. At short notice, you can take out your food truck finder and head out for a lovely evening stroll.

We look forward to seeing you at our food truck Los Angeles, so that we can serve you one of our healthy salads to help you on your way to a healthier new you for the remainder of 2016.