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Food Truck Catering

High Quality Food Truck Catering With Greenz On Wheelz

If you are planning a large event and are thinking about how you are going to pay for the catering, food truck catering could be the answer. Food truck catering is very popular across the country, especially Los Angeles, which means that the standard of street food is very high.

Family Run Food Truck Catering

If you want the food truck catering brand to attend your next event then look no further than Greenz on Wheelz. We are a family run business with a lot of experience in the catering industry and we want to provide the best customer experience for you.

Something for Everyone with our Food Truck Catering

If you are thinking about the quality of food from food trucks being below the standard you would expect at a party, then think again. Greenz on Wheelz has a large menu packed full of everything from grilled chicken and healthy salads to awesome grilled cheese and tasty tacos. We buy our ingredients fresh and prepared on the day so you can rely on us when we say that all food will be of the highest quality.

When it comes to prices, we are very competitive and our rates are a lot lower than you would pay for hiring a restaurant of the evening or with a traditional event caterer in Hollywood. Why pay more than you need to for catering when there is an option that will save you money without compromising on quality? Your event guests will love attending an event that show how creative the organizers have been. With Greenz on Wheelz you will see the difference in the atmosphere of a food truck catering event.