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School Fundraiser

Hold A School Fundraiser With Greenz In Wheelz

If you are looking to raise funds for your school or college why not hold a school fundraiser with Greenz on Wheelz, the number one food truck in Los Angeles.

Greenz on Wheelz food trucks can come along to your school fundraiser wherever it is in the city to serve up great tasting breakfast, brunch or lunch to the crowd of people who are wanting to support your school.

What is a School Fundraiser?

There are a number of very good ways to raise money for charity, such as a sponsored swim or a cake sale, but to really get people engaged in your charity efforts you need to think outside of the box. When people give money to charity they often want something back in return, which is something that you can do with a school fundraiser.

A school fundraiser is simply about cooking and preparing food to sell on to those that you invite and all profits go to your chosen charity. Greenz on Wheelz love taking our food truck along to your school fundraiser and we can really help you out with all of the organizing.

Let us help with your school fundraiser

Food truck catering is an ideal way to hold your school fundraiser as we can help with all of the food preparation and make sure that there is no food waste. Our experienced staff will endeavor to make as much food as possible, which means that the more food sold the more you maximize your profits. We can work together to decide how to work out the payments and the amount of money going to charity and once all of that is sorted you simply need to spread the word.

With a strong reputation in the food truck catering scene, Greenz on Wheelz will be able to attract more people to your event as they line up to taste our great street food and get a look of our fool truck.

A school fundraiser provides an excellent hassle-free opportunity to raise money for charity and with a Greenz on Wheelz food truck you are sure to make lots of money for your school project.