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Hold Your Next Charity Breakfast Fundraiser With Greenz On Wheelz

If you are involved in fundraising for a charity or community event, breakfast fundraisers are a popular way to make money. A breakfast fundraiser is something that can be organized pretty quickly with the help of an experienced food truck vendor. You simply need to hire a firm to come along and then all you need to do is invite guests and promote your event.

Greenz on Wheelz in and experienced food truck wedding team that have years of experience in serving food for a lot of people in a short space of time. Food truck catering wedding can be hectic so even if you do manage to bring in large numbers of people for your breakfast fundraiser we will be able to handle it, don’t worry.

Think breakfast pancakes, breakfast burritos, omelets and bacon sandwiches and your mouth will be watering. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and one that people tend to miss out on when they are rushing to get to work. With a lot of people buying food on the way into work or when you get to the office, you can almost guarantee that people will buy food from you if you set up a food truck catering in Los Angeles fundraiser.

Once you hire Greenz on Wheelz to come to your event, we can talk about the details such as the number of people that you are expecting and what types of food you would like to serve. If you are holding a breakfast fundraiser in your work place or in your local community it is a good idea to do a short surgery to see what types of food people prefer. You will sell more food if you know that you have items that people will like. Greenz on Wheelz have an extensive breakfast and brunch menu so we can help give you some ideas on what to serve or we can help develop a bespoke menu just for your event.

Our social media presence is widespread and we will be sure to help promote your event as much as possible so that you can raise money for your favorite charity.