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How To Reduce Your Wedding Catering

Weddings can be very expensive which is why a lot of couples spend years planning and saving for their big day. Los Angeles catering can be expensive at the best of times and when it comes to weddings prices are hiked up even more. Of course, you do not want to scrimp too much on food and it can be complicated to cater for every taste and age group, but you do have options. Traditional food truck wedding catering can see your catering budget blown out of the window, but a buffet or a food station can offer a great alternative.

Once of the best ways to save money is by using food truck catering, which is much cheaper than traditional catering. Informal dining does not have to mean that you have to compromise on quality as a food truck can be just as tasty as a fancy restaurant—if not better.

With a food truck wedding, you will not only save money but you will be able to enjoy a relaxed dining style in which your guests can mingle and chat as they line up for some tasty Greenz on Wheelz food.

Food truck catering in Los Angeles does not have to be overpriced and stuff, it can be flexible, fun and very friendly.

Little Extras

By having a food truck at your wedding, you can save a lot of money which means that you have some spare cash to add a few special details. You can work with your food truck vendor to plan a special menu for your big day and they can think of innovative treats to woo your guests throughout the day—think sweet tables, snack bars, and midnight feasts.

Here are a few extra tips on saving money on catering for your big day:

  • Reduce the number of guests (do you really want to invite somebody you have not seen for decade?)
  • Avoid Saturdays
  • Keep your menu simple
  • Don’t ask your food truck vendor to over-cook (waste is not good)
  • Let you guests help themselves rather than pay for waiter service.