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Movie Catering Companies

Invest In Greenz On Wheelz, One Of The Top Movie Catering Companies

Here at Greenz on Wheelz we cannot get enough of Hollywood movies! There is nothing better than switching on the TV to see the wonderful streets of LA in the background and that means seeing lots of food trucks. Catering for movie sets is one of our favorite things to do as we have so much passion for pour local film industry. We want to be part of that LA authenticity and our large food trucks look great on set, even if we do say so ourselves!

Hire us to Come to your Set

While our food truck business is best known in the Pasadena, Hollywood, Burbank, Altadena, and Glendale are of LA, we move around the city a lot. That means that if you have one of our trucks on set your audience will be familiar with our truck—“hey, that’s The Hungry Nomad, we love their food” is what you want viewers to shout out! The great thing about food truck rental is that we can move anywhere so that you get the best film crew catering wherever you are.

Let us Make Authentic Street Food for Props

If you movie involves food, whether it be based around a food business or your characters like to eat out a lot, we can help. Greenz on Wheelz always the freshest ingredients so that our food looks good as well as tasting great. We can cook on set for you or bring in pre-prepped dishes if you need to, whatever your requirements we can look to accommodate. Filming can take place inside one of our trucks and if you need authentic cooks as extras then are staff will be happy to be a part of your productions.

For tasty food for your crew or awesome props for your set give Greenz on Wheelz today for the freshest production you will ever get to screen.