It Makes Sense! Taste Testing From A Food Truck

Food trucks are great providers. They can provide a quick meal on the street, box lunches for a training session, sandwiches and salads on wheels, a sit-down dinner for 500, a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner or a buttoned-down business buffet. Now marketing professionals are using food trucks for a little something else – to gather information about customers’ food preferences.

Numerous consumer brands have used food trucks are test kitchens to determine what people on the street want to eat. To promote chips, Frito-Lay parked a truck in the center of Times Square and hired chefs to perform culinary demos using the company’s products.

At least 30 Burger King food trucks are on the streets, each passing out samples of new menu items. The Sizzler chain uses its bright red “ZZ” Truck to feature menu items that differ from the ones currently served at the company’s restaurants. One Sizzler executive described the vehicle as a “rolling test kitchen.” Other major companies have called on food trucks to promote their brands and introduce new products.

Walgreens wants to be known for more than prescriptions. The national chain introduced a custom-made, 40-foot bus called the “Up Market: Fresh” experience that visits major cities to promote the company’s fresh-food offerings. Walgreen’s representatives give away food, juice and smoothie samples to shoppers and encourage them to come into the stores and purchase the items.

“Walgreens wants to make sure consumers are aware of the initiatives to transform the traditional drugstore into a health-and-daily-living destination,” said Jim Jensen, Walgreens spokesperson.

Even celebrity chef Rachael Ray has used a food truck to showcase Nutrish, her new upscale dog food line. For three days in New York City, the team on Ray’s Woof Wagon passed out samples of dog food to canines and their companions that passed by. Not only did the team gather customer feedback, but the event generated plenty of publicity, and Ray’s public relations team declared the promotion a major success.

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