November 19 2015 0Comment

LA Food Truck Catering Means Classy Cuisine For Your Wedding

Food Truck Catering are the new heroes of the Southern California food service industry. That’s because they are innovative, creative and often use only the freshest, healthiest ingredients to create their entrees. But best of all, they are very affordable. A food truck chef can cater an event – such as a wedding reception – for a better per-person price than a traditional caterer. Food truck catering has seen rapid growth during the past five years. More and more quality conscious consumers have discovered the delicious, gourmet foods available from food truck chefs at value prices.

Food truck caterers are found everywhere. They feed the beautiful people at charity galas and upscale social events. They help public school students and their parents raise money for education through special fund-raising events. And they service business leaders and their employees at workshops, training events and corporate meetings.

However, one of the biggest business opportunities for first-class food truck catering wedding, and many food trucks spend more of their business hours doing that than anything else. There are many reasons that the soon-to-be-marrieds call on a food truck for their wedding festivities. First, the food is great. Most food truck chefs are uniquely talented and will even create a special menu for the wedding couple, if requested. The number of options available will impressive anyone. Second, it is a trendy way to entertain wedding guests at a time when many couples are moving away from oft-repeated traditions and making their nuptial ceremony very personal and special for them. Third, the price is right. A food truck-catered wedding reception will typically charge a per-person price that is lower than that charged by a traditional caterer.

It’s impossible to ignore the growth and popularity of food truck catering in Los Angeles. Veteran food truck caterers can create meals that range from elegant to casual, depending on the client’s particular needs. And many businesses are choosing food trucks to quickly and efficiently serve employees or trainees at workshops and corporate meetings.