Let Your Food Truck Caterer Help with Wedding Rentals

It is almost impossible to pull off a lovely wedding reception without renting some necessities. That’s where your gourmet food truck caterer can provide a second service.


Everyone knows that gourmet food trucks are the hottest trend in wedding reception dinners and munchies. But did you know that your experienced food truck cater also can help arrange for all those pesky things you’ll need to rent … and then get them picked up and carted away after the last dance is just a memory.


When planning your reception, make a list of all the things you will need. Then go through the list and determine what you can borrow from friends or rent from a service. Talk with your food truck caterer about what your reception requires and the numbers you’ll need.


At a dinner, for example, you will need several dishes, glasses and flatware per guest based on the courses you are serving. For a cocktail hour, you can expect to use three glasses per person. If you are renting linens for the tables, remember to order extras for the tables holding your cake and guestbook. If you rent chairs for the ceremony or cocktail party, always order about 10 extras in case additional guests show up (it does happen) or a rental chair arrives broken (heaven forbid).


You also many want to try something fun and different, such as renting a popcorn or cotton-candy making machine. Your caterer should be able to track those down too. Be sure that someone knows exactly how the equipment works before the reception begins.


Ask if you can view the dishes, linen and glassware selections before giving the rental company a final “OK.” Determine if the set up and delivery fees are included in the order or if that is an extra charge. Know that most rental companies will require a non-refundable deposit that is about one-third the total rental package price. Once you know what you need and how much it costs, let the food truck caterer handle all the details. That will be one chore that you can check off your list.


Looking for gourmet food truck catering for you wedding? Look no further than these top food trucks, which serve Los Angeles and the Orange County area.


The Hungry Nomad creates tasty sandwiches and wraps for street diners and at catered events. The team will cheerfully customize a unique menu just for you and your wedding guests. Greenz on Wheelz is a Number 1 salad truck creating the best sandwiches and wraps, plus the freshest salads on wheels. The Greenz team will prepare the menu you desire for your big day. Hang 10 Tacos dishes up the best tacos in Orange County, served fresh by smiling team members. Other menu options include traditional carne asada and even vegetarian dishes.  When you need a top-quality catering, call us for a no-cost consultation.



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