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Gourmet Food Truck Catering Los Angeles

Make Sure You Stay In Shape With A Healthy Food Truck Menu

As we head into 2017 many of you will be trying to start off the year as healthy as possible. For some, that will mean stopping eating out as you do not want to be tempted by unhealthy foods such as fries, burgers, and ice-cream. With Greenz on Wheelz’s healthy food truck menu you do not have to worry—you can eat out and stay healthy at the same time.

Low-Calorie, Great Taste

Greenz on Wheelz’s healthy food truck menu has lots of fresh and exciting ingredients on offer. Our calories are kept to a minimum when to comes to the core ingredients in or healthy food truck menu but there are lots of sauces and topping on offer to meat individual needs. Think of fresh crispy salad, lean chicken and low-calorie dressings and you will be drooling at the thought of eating with us for lunch this week.

Treat Yourself Once in a While

While we do advocate leading a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy food truck menu we also recognize that everyone deserves a treat now and again. If you fancy a change from a salad you can try one of our awesome cheese melts, either just as they are or with a side of salad to keep you feeling semi healthy.

Hire Greenz on Wheelz for a Healthy Wedding

If you like the idea of having a healthy food truck menu at your wedding, we are variable for wedding catering hire and will look after very need on your big day. Once you book with us we can discuss what recipes you would like us to cook, when you would like them served, and how much food we can offer within your budget.

To book Greenz on Wheelz so that you can eat from a healthy food truck menu at your next big event, get in touch with our expert team today.