Make Your Wedding Memorable with Delicious Food Truck Cuisine

Gourmet food trucks can feed large groups of people, even grooms and their friends at bachelor parties. Prior to the wedding of funnyman Jimmy Kimmel, he and his best buddies flew to Vancouver to celebrate. In addition to chowing down at city eateries, Kimmel and his crowd enjoyed delicious seafood at Fresh Local Wild, a favorite Vancouver food truck.

Your bachelor party can be as trendy as Jimmy Kimmel’s. Simply invite a food truck to provide the food and drinks at your pre-nuptial celebration. Depending on the number of guests, you can schedule one or more trucks to feed your friends. As food truck cuisine grows in popularity, more venues – including first-class hotels and resorts – are allowing food trucks on the premises to cater for guests. In fact, some hotels have introduced their own branded food trucks to keep guests happy and entertained.

When hiring your bachelor party food truck, determine what type of generator the truck has. Loud generators can be an issue in a residential area (as can loud bachelor parties). Propane or high-end generators are typically quieter, and you want to keep the neighbors happy.

Most food trucks can generate their own power, but check to be sure. If your food truck is an exception, it will need a power source. Determine what plug/power is required. You’d hate for the truck’s crew to be powerless when they start to prepare your gourmet munchies. 

In addition, your bachelor party attendees could visit a food truck court, which allows everyone to sample their favorite selections before moving on to another venue, club or someone’s home. But remember to designate a driver or hire a limo to keep everyone safe as they celebrate.

Top food trucks prepare great party food. Whether your event is a bachelor party, bridal shower, wedding reception, event at the bride’s house, the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, family get-together or bridesmaids’ lunch, these Los Angeles food trucks listed here will help make happy moments. Invite them to your big event and they’ll treat you like a guest at your own celebration.

  1. The Hungry Nomad offers top California cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean and European cooking. Call The Hungry Nomad at 877-NOMAD-10 to resolve all your catering needs.
  1. Hang 10 Tacos makes the freshest tasting tacos in Los Angeles. The big blue taco truck can cater for you anywhere. Invite the Hang 10 Tacos crew at 855-5-Hang-10 to your next party.
  1. Greenz on Wheelz is the best salad truck serving great sandwiches and the freshest salads on wheels at parties and wedding receptions. Phone Greenz on Wheelz at 855-6Greenz and your catering problems are solved.

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