Meet And Greet While You Eat On The Street

When LA food trucks congregate, they create unofficial “food courts that are great places to find meals, snacks or drinks. But beyond feeding the famished, food truck courts have morphed into unofficial social gatherings that give the local neighborhoods a sense of community and a surge of life.

The presence of food trucks creates a spontaneous social scene. So take advantage of the opportunity to talk with people in line. Chat with the diners around you. Enjoy the natural camaraderie that occurs in the food truck court. While this occasionally happens in restaurant settings, it is more likely to occur when people are walking, talking, eating and sharing reviews about the food they are enjoying.

Three top-quality food trucks that have food fans buzzing are The Hungry Nomad, Hang 10 Tacos and Greenz on Wheelz.

The Hungry Nomad offers an extensive menu of classic California dishes with a hint of Mediterranean cuisine, including salads, sandwiches, pockets and delicious hummus.

Hang 10 Tacos is the big blue taco truck that whips up tasty tacos from top-quality ingredients, including delicious steak, shrimp, BBQ, fish and pork. Vegetarian entries also are available.

Greenz on Wheelz says “Lettuce Serve You.” The green mobile bistro adheres to the highest standards when preparing garden-fresh sandwiches, salads, melts and wraps for discriminating diners. Each one is created with care and served with a smile.

These food trucks provide LA and Orange County consumers with delicious, quality meals and professional service. Plus, they are available to cater events ranging from grand openings, cocktail parties and concerts to corporate and sporting events, festivals and fundraisers. The staff of each truck can arrange to rent tables, chairs, lights and heating lamps for an additional charge and will hire bartenders and wait staff, if required.

You may choose to have the truck on site or you can order a “hot drop” of ready-to-serve food or even boxed meals to be delivered to party location. In order to be a guest at your own party, invite a food truck to your special event.