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Perfect Your Food Photography With Greenz On Wheelz

Food photography is arguably is something that is becoming more popular amongst professional photographers and keen food enthusiasts who want to perfect the perfect image for their blog or food truck catering business. While it is a popular arm of photography, it is one of the most challenging to perfect and you need to spend a lot of time practicing your skills.

Los Angeles catering companies spend a lot of money on achieving great images of their food for promotional material as a picture can paint a thousand words. Everything little detail on in the photo is an important decision with the smallest of props making big differences.

Here are 5 tops tips to help you create great food photographs:

  • Keep it natural
  • Perfect your angle
  • Create lines and layers
  • Keep background callers muted
  • Look for props

Nobody likes to see fake food on an image, especially if it is in a catering magazine that is trying to encourage orders. To make your food look as appealing as possible you should create clean lines and layer food to have a sense of depth to the image rather than just plonking it on a  table. One popular trick is to surround the food will cool props, so if you are going to shoot images of taco truck catering  in Los Angeles what better way to do so then by hiring a Greenz on Wheelz food truck for the day.

Street Food Photography

Food Truck Catering In Los Angeles is extremely popular in the city and photographers love to shoot images of the bright and beautiful trucks that line the streets of the city. If you want to perfect your street food photography, Greenz on Wheelz is available for hire, whether it be for our funky green van or the food that we can prepare for you.

You can hire our trucks for as little or as long as you like and we are sure that we will be able to work within your budget. We look forward to looking at the awesome photos that you are sure to create.