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Pre Wedding Parties

Pre Wedding Parties With Greenz On Wheelz

A summer wedding is the preference for many couples that are planning to tie the knot, with summer being the most popular time to wed in Los Angeles. As well as planning wedding catering many couples are not on the lookout for food for pre-wedding parties. A pre-wedding party is a great way to get your friends together to look forward to the big day. Food truck pre-wedding parties are the perfect catering solution for those wishing to make their event as laid back as possible.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Hip young couples are constantly looking to add something new to their wedding or pre-wedding parties  to make it stand out from the crowd and a taco truck brand will certainly do that for you. If you have been searching for something different from general catering brands it may be time to hit the streets of LA and get familiar with food truck catering—the most popular form of eating in Los Angeles at the moment.

Greenz on Wheelz Pre-Wedding Parties

Greenz on Wheelz cater for large events throughout LA which means that you are in safe hands if you book us for your wedding day. Food truck catering is a fun addition to your wedding or pre-wedding parties and it allows your guests to eat as and when they want to, eating the food that they like rather than having the same as everyone else.

There is an option to have food served from a food truck or we can get up a more traditional food station so that guests do not have to go outdoors, which should not really be a problem during summer, but the option is there nevertheless. If you love street food then you are going to love the Greenz on Wheelz pre-wedding parties menu.

Greenz on Wheelz want you to relax and enjoy your big day without worrying if your guests are enjoying their food. If this is what you are looking for then give us a call today to make plans for your big day. Give us a call today to let us know the date and we will be there!