Raise Funds for Your School or Charity with a Gourmet Food Truck

Gourmet food trucks can be the answer to your charity’s fund-raising prayers. They are virtually a “turn-key” operation, can be a one-time or ongoing source of revenue and require very little work on the part of the charity. And thanks to their growing popularity, food trucks can attract an even greater turnout for your event.


Schools can partner with food trucks to raise money at homecomings, athletic and after-school events. Food trucks can draw crowds to your carnivals and playoffs and can park at the finish line of your walkathons and runs.


This is how it works. Food trucks provide the food and the school or charity generates the crowd. That means, the school or charity is responsible for advertising and getting the word out as far in advance as possible. They do that by:

  • Talking it up to everyone they know.
  • Distributing posters and flyers.
  • Sending news releases to local media.
  • Posting the event on local community calendars (online and in newspapers).
  • Sending information home with school students.
  • Using social media. This includes emailing friends and encouraging them to forward the email to their friends, as well as getting the event out on Twitter, Facebook etc.



Typically, a food truck will donate 10% of their sales, minus tax, to the school or charity. If the average food truck meal is around $10, the organization can make about $1 just by letting food trucks on their premises to serve hungry crowds. Here is some general information you need to know about making food truck fund-raising a win-win situation for everyone.

  • For a food truck to have a successful event, it must sell at least 100 meals.
  • For a typical event (playoff or football game) about one-third of attendees will purchase something from the truck, which means the event should have at least 300 attendees.
  • If your school or charity needs to raise $500, you must be able to drive about 1,500 people to the event.


Our trio of gourmet food trucks believes in giving back to the community. When you have plans for a big event, give us a call and let us see how we can help. Our trucks include:

  • Greenz on Wheelz is a Number 1 salad truck that creates the best sandwiches and wraps, plus the freshest salads on wheels. 855-6Greenz
  • The Hungry Nomad creates tasty sandwiches and wraps for street diners and at catered events. 877-Nomad-10
  • Hang 10 Tacos dishes up the best tacos in Orange County, served fresh by smiling team members. Other menu options include traditional carne asada and even a vegetarian dishes. 855-5-Hang-10


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