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Save Money On Catering Services With Greenz On Wheelz

Food truck catering Los Angeles is increasingly giving people catering options that they have never experienced before, meaning that there is more variety in the food that you serve up as well as an affordable option away from traditional catering services. Here are just some of the ways you can bring a food truck into your life:

Greenz on Wheelz at Home

If you are used to being the hostess when you throw parties at home, why not take the day off next time you hold and event by hiring the best food truck in LA, Greenz on Wheelz. You can order your menu in advance by looking at what we can offer for your budget then all that you need to do is tell us where to park up and then sit back and enjoy your event while we do all of the hard work.

Greenz on Wheelz at Weddings

Greenz on Wheelz love to cater for weddings and we are proud that we can offer couples great value for money on their big day. Food truck wedding Los Angeles allows you and your guests to enjoy great food in a relaxed and fun surrounding plus you get great photographs with our funky truck in the background. Traditional wedding catering can be expensive and will put a strain on your finances if you are not careful, something that you don’t need to worry about with Greenz on Wheelz.

Greenz on Wheelz at community events

Greenz on Wheelz food truck catering in Los Angeles can attend your next community event and may actually work out cheaper than buying lots of food at the grocery store. Once again, you can sit back and relax and enjoy chatting to your friends while we do all of the hard work.

Sticking to your food truck budget

Once you have decided on your budget simply tell us and we can work out a suitable menu that will keep your guests satisfied and your bank balance healthy.

If you need to cater for a large work event on a budget choose Greenz on Wheelz for a stress-free experience that is kind on your finances.