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Food Truck Catering

Save Money On Summer Catering Services With Greenz On Wheelz

Eating out in Los Angeles can be expensive so people will often turn to catering firms when planning special events or get togethers. Hollywood caterers can still be expensive and sometimes you will be wondering just what warrants a hike in prices. With food truck catering you have the option to provide great food for your guests at a great price.

Greenz on Wheelz in your office

Why not treat your staff to a lunch time treat this summer with Greenz on Wheelz food truck catering. You can give your staff a break in the summer sun and we can park outside on your building and your happy workers can fill their boots before heading back to their desks for a productive afternoon.

Greenz on Wheelz at Summer events

Greenz on Wheelzcan work with your chosen venue to discuss the logistics of bringing a food truck to your event. Food truck catering is becoming popular so we are very experienced at catering for couples and their guests on their big day. If you want to avoid the large price tags of traditional caterers get in touch with us today.

Managing your budget

Choosing a street food truck as your catering option does not mean that you have to worry about quality as Greenz on Wheelz food truck catering take pride in providing high-quality food that will put many restaurants to shame. If you are on a strict budget just let us know that it is and we can discuss the best way to stay in budget and provide a great spread for your guests.

If you need to cater for a large event on a budget choose Greenz on Wheelz for a hassle free and budget friendly food truck catering service.