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Best Food Truck In LA

Save Money With A Food Truck Wedding Los Angeles Style

Today, the fabulous food trucks of Los Angeles create and serve first-class street meals, and many spend a majority of their working hours handling catering jobs. In fact, many of the best LA food trucks are experienced at catering special parties and events of all kinds, including wedding receptions.

There is no “wrong” way to stage a wedding or plan a reception. Newly married couples like to use that the reception to express their personal interests and mutual love. That means guests could be eating pancakes at the reception dinner or even be served from a LA food truck with a built-in brick oven that turns out hot, gourmet pizza pies. Yummy!

Some couples even prefer to tie the knot at city hall, and then host a huge party where friends and family members can dance, toast and rejoice in their union. This type of reception is ideal for a food truck caterer, who can arrange everything from the bar and the rented tables to the DJ, appetizers and wedding cake. The caterer can even hire the wait staff and recommend a photographer. Not only is this an informal, casual way to kick off married life, but a down-to-earth food truck wedding catering is fun.

When planning a wedding reception, keep in mind these three things that make food truck caterers perfect for serving up wedding fare – or even something totally unexpected. First, the food is fabulous. Most food truck chefs are talented and offer numerous dietary options. Or the chef can design a special menu just for you, if you prefer. Second, food trucks are a trendy way to entertain wedding guests of all ages. Many couples are moving away from those typical, long-standing traditions that have made weddings so similar in the past. Now, brides and grooms choose to make their personal ceremony a unique expression of their own union. And third, food truck catering from a food truck is usually less expensive per person than the prices charged by a traditional caterer.