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Simply The Best Food Trucks

It is no surprise that the food truck industry is booming in the Los Angeles area and across the nation in fact. Our modern world is constantly in motion. No matter where you are or who you are, you are most likely on the go. Why shouldn’t your meals be the same way? Food trucks are becoming as much a part of our culture as restaurants and cafés.

Food trucks come in a variety of sizes and purposes. Despite the importance of meals on wheels, only the best food trucks will draw the most customers. So what makes a food truck one of the best? Here are a pair of examples from opposite ends of the United States that can provide some helpful guidelines.

Located in Los Angeles, the Kogi food tuck is a fusion of Mexican and Korean foods. The truck’s chef is Roy Choi, an accomplished culinary artist who worked at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Those in town would do well to sample his “beef short rib taco,” which has quickly emerged as his signature dish. The taco boasts 21 different ingredients. Choi is also proving that delivering high quality food at a low cost is possible; his prices are fair and the food is delicious.

On the other end of the United States is GastroPod, located in Miami. GastroPod was the very first mobile kitchen in the entire city. It became a big hit selling a variety of items like tacos, burgers, and even dim sum on the same menu. Today, hundreds of fans swarm the shiny 1962 Airstream pod, most likely seeking the seasonal fusion cuisine. A popular dish is the “Mo’ Better Burger,” which is a mass of short rib, brisket and sirloin topped with a poached egg. Pork tacos and the shitake flan also help to make up the fusion concept of GastroPod.

These unique food trucks share a number of qualities. Their delicious food comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. They also offer their customers a truly unique dining experience. Perhaps most important of all, they’re focused on customer service and committed to cooking tasty food for a low price, all while on the go.

If you currently reside in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, there are some other food trucks you should make a point to try. The Hungry Nomad is one of the best food trucks in the LA and Orange County area serving a gourmet menu of traditional California food with a hint of Mediterranean. If you want to stay on the healthy side of things be sure to try Greenz on Wheelz. You will not be disappointed. And for another version of the taco, be sure to stop on by the Hang 10 Tacos food truck and you too will see why these are classified as the best food trucks in LA and in the industry.