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Make Your Cocktail Party a Raging Success with Food Truck Appetizers

Cocktail parties are the best way to celebrate a birthday, job promotion or engagement announcement. They’re also ideal for paying back a lot of hosts for including you in past social events. Throwing a cocktail party can be easy and fun, especially when you include a gourmet food truck caterer on your guest list. Here’s […]

Food Truck Etiquette: Manners Matter

With the number of food trucks on the streets today, it won’t be long before you’re dining at one, if you haven’t already. Food trucks provide a relaxed and economical way to dine out. And if you’re not yet aware of them, here are the previously unwritten rules of the food truck game: Use social […]

Food Truck Promos Are Wrap Stars

Most people think of food trucks as rolling restaurants that serve food to people on the street. But that’s only one thing they can do. Food trucks are being used as promotional tools to showcase new products and services for major brands. Companies that have used food trucks to promote their products include everyone from […]