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Filming a Movie? Cast Your Food Truck First

Los Angeles is a food truck paradise with unique offerings and quality cuisine available throughout the area. But many of the on-the-street food trucks also are available to serve movie studios and video and production crews, providing the same fresh and tasty foods that they offer customers around the city. Here are tips for selecting […]

Food Trucks Help Make Oscar-Winning Movies

Behind every successful movie that makes it to the big screen is a dedicated catering team that kept the hard-working movie crew happy and well fed while on location. Because of union regulations, hot food must be provided to movie crew members at specified intervals throughout the day. That means the timing of food service […]

Say “Thanks” With A Customer Appreciation Day

Your customers are the backbone of your business. You probably offer the same goods and services as many other businesses, but your customers go to you first because they appreciate your friendly employees, excellent prices or convenient location. How can you show them that you appreciate their patronage? Invite them to a Customer Appreciation Day […]

First-Class Hotels Give Food Trucks Two Thumbs Up

Quality hotels and resorts have professional kitchens and an experienced staff of foodservice employees, but they still like food trucks to their premises, and many first-class hotels now offer food truck cuisine to their guests. The Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes and the Fairmont at Newport Beach have each hired food […]