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Save Money On Catering Services With Greenz On Wheelz

Food truck catering Los Angeles is increasingly giving people catering options that they have never experienced before, meaning that there is more variety in the food that you serve up as well as an affordable option away from traditional catering services. Here are just some of the ways you can bring a food truck into your […]

Best Food Truck In LA

Photo Shoot Prop Rental Food Truck With Greenz On Wheelz

Food trucks are increasing in popularity as popular every day in Los Angeles, with companies and individuals seeking to work with some of the best-known brands.The huge increase in demand for food truck catering means that people are increasingly looking to hire the best food truck in LA to add credit to their big events. Food truck […]

Greenz On Wheelz TV Commercial Prop Rental

Food truck catering in Los Angeles is a growing industry in LA and for a long time now it has been supporting the Hollywood film industry. Food trucks are a staple part of LA life and every film producer in the city want to get an accurate portrayal of the streets of LA so film […]

Greenz On Wheelz Breakfast Catering

Whether you are looking to put on a breakfast buffet for your workforce or you want to throw a breakfast beaded baby shower for your friends, Greenz on Wheelz food truck catering is here for you. We have a variety of breakfast packages to offer you and we have lots of experience hosting breakfast fundraisers […]

Hold A Breakfast Fundraiser With Greenz on Wheelz

If you are looking to raise funds for a local charity whether it be in your workplace or at a community location, why not hold a breakfast fundraiser with Greenz on Wheelz. Our LA food truck can come along to your event, wherever it is in the city to serve up great tasting breakfast and […]

Best Food Truck In LA

Food Truck Catering: It’s All About Desserts

Desserts are the best part of a meal for many people, but in recent times the concerns about sugar have forced those with a sweet tooth to cut back. Desserts, however, are making a bit of a comeback with reality TV shows such as ‘Ace of Cakes’ and ‘Cake Boss’ encouraging people to get out […]

Perfect Your Food Photography With Greenz On Wheelz

Food photography is arguably is something that is becoming more popular amongst professional photographers and keen food enthusiasts who want to perfect the perfect image for their blog or food truck catering business. While it is a popular arm of photography, it is one of the most challenging to perfect and you need to spend a […]

Wow Your Wedding Guests With A Greenz on Wheelz Food Truck

Greenz on Wheelz is here to bring the best food truck catering in Los Angeles with our heartfelt and inspiring food. Greenz on Wheelz is part of a family-owned food service operation that includes restaurants, food trucks and catering services that are here to provide you with everyday food choices as well as catering for […]