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Casting a Movie? Schedule Your Food Truck First

The No. 1 food truck city is Los Angeles. Hundreds of local food trucks offer top-quality cuisine and many of them are available to serve movie and video studios and production crews, providing the same fresh, delicious foods that they offer customers on the streets. Here are ways to choose the perfect food truck that […]

Let’s Eat! Food Trucks Turn Out Delish Dishes

Food truck operators are passionate about delivering top-quality food to their followers. They take pride in their creativity and often combine familiar ingredients to create unique new dishes or give old favorites a new twist. Here are some that we want to try: In Seattle, My Sweet Little Cakes serves pancakes and waffles on a […]

Why LA Is the Nation’s Leading Food Truck City

Modern-day food trucks appeared in Los Angeles more than a decade ago, serving fabulous cuisine to people on the street and giving young chefs a new way to display their creativity. The food trucks immediately attracted thousands of hungry fans that loved seeing the transformation of the so-called “roach coach” into a quality mobile restaurant […]