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Best Food Truck In LA

Your Favorite Food Truck Can Help Raise Money For Your Local School

Many public schools are turning to local food trucks to help raise funds for extra expenses, and food truck operators are often willing to participate in school fund-raising events by serving attendees at athletic and after-school events. It’s a simple arrangement. The food trucks provide the food and service, while the school generates a large […]

Take This First Step Before Buying A Food Truck

Plenty of people would love to hop into a food truck and drive off as their own boss. However, there’s more to operating a successful food truck business than simply cooking and serving food. Anyone seriously interested in joining the growing food truck industry should spend some time with an experienced professional before buying a […]

It’s Easy To Plan A Business Luncheon

A well-planned business lunch can make your company or organization look great and impress your guests. Coordinating such an event may appear daunting, but it’s easy when you plan properly. Set the Scene You don’t always need to schedule your luncheon meetings at the company headquarters or in a nearby restaurant. For a change of […]