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Hire A Food Truck Caterer For Your Next Video Or Photo Shoot

Many Southern California food trucks do much more than serve diners on the street. They cater video and photos shoots and keep crews fortified on movie sets. They can whip up the same delicious foods that they serve at catered parties or create a specific menu to meet the diners’ needs. Here are suggestions for […]

Hire a Food Truck; Throw a Party

Invite a gourmet food truck to your next party. Experienced food truck caterers can create and serve everything from cold appetizers to a multi-course meal. In fact, many Southern California food trucks are in such great demand for professional catering, that they must limit on-the-street service. If you’ve never hired a caterer before, here are […]

How To Hire A Food Truck To Cater Your Next Party

Invite a top-quality food truck to create and serve a gourmet feast at your next party. Many Los Angeles-area food trucks do as much professional catering as they do on-the-street service, and they are booking now. If you’ve never hired a party caterer before, here are a few tips to help you when discussing the […]