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Sell Your Service or Product with a Food Truck Promotion

Food trucks make ideal tools for promotional campaigns. No matter what your business may be, you can a food truck – with or without a kitchen crew – to show off your latest product or service, pass out free samples, generate brand awareness or showcase your product’s image. No matter where the food truck goes […]

Technology Boosts The Food Truck

While it’s delicious food that draws hungry customers to food trucks nationwide, technology can take much of the credit for helping to grow the industry. Food trucks use Facebook and Twitter to maintain relationships with their customers. Social media tells customers where the food trucks will be parked each day and informs them of menu […]

Are You A Good Fit For The Food Truck Business?

Food trucks are enjoying run-away popularity, and good cooks often imagine what it would be like to have their own food truck business. It sounds ideal. Be your own boss. Whip up the foods all your friends have raved about. Roam your favorite city. Meet foodies on the street. And make a lot of money. […]

First-Class Hotels Give Food Trucks Two Thumbs Up

Quality hotels and resorts have professional kitchens and an experienced staff of foodservice employees, but they still like food trucks to their premises, and many first-class hotels now offer food truck cuisine to their guests. The Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes and the Fairmont at Newport Beach have each hired food […]