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Food Trucks Star On and off the Movie Set

Whenever a movie or TV show is being filmed, there is typically a food truck on hand to feed the crew. But now, food trucks are becoming stars in their own right. Because food trucks are big part of today’s culture, they are being incorporated into entertainment vehicles and fashion shoots. One example is the […]

The Reasons You Should Go to Lunch At A Food Truck

Everyone eats lunch. If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to stop what you’re doing at work and race out to a restaurant. Whether you patronize food trucks every day – or only on occasion – you are enjoying great advantages that go beyond delicious food. Here are good reasons to order lunch […]

Hire A Food Truck Caterer For Your Next Video Or Photo Shoot

Many Southern California food trucks do much more than serve diners on the street. They cater video and photos shoots and keep crews fortified on movie sets. They can whip up the same delicious foods that they serve at catered parties or create a specific menu to meet the diners’ needs. Here are suggestions for […]

Why Southern Californians Love Food Truck Food

Los Angeles foodies are the luckiest people in the U.S. There are probably more gourmet food trucks in Southern California than any place on earth. These rolling restaurants regularly serve busy commuters at breakfast, lunch and dinner and cater parties, business meetings and wedding receptions. They’re in big demand everywhere, and their popularity has yet […]